A Free Virtual Wealth Series hosted by Hannah koenig

Learn from the world's leading financial experts.


it's time to close the wealth gap.

You have a massive amount of financial power, let’s make sure you’re using it. Join us for this event designed to help you create financial freedom and build real wealth.


The 2nd Annual LeadWell Summit shares wisdom and expertise from some of today’s most impactful financial educators and thought leaders.

These experienced professionals know what it takes to defy the odds, navigate systemic and generational challenges, and use their financial power as a force for change. I’m thrilled to introduce you to these accomplished visionaries, and to our LeadWell community.

Together, we will close the wealth gap as individuals, as a community, and beyond.

Tonya Rapley

Financial Educator &
Founder of My Fab Finance

Tori Dunlap

Millenial Money Expert &
Founder of Her First 100k

Vrinda Gupta

Credit Expert & CEO of Sequin

Melissa Jean-Baptiste

Personal Finance + Career Development Coach & Co-Founder of Millenial in Debt

Amber Dugger

Founder & CEO of Profit for Keeps

Barbara Huson

The Leading Authority on
Women, Wealth, & Power

Brianna Firestone

Money Healer & Founder of
The School of Betty

Britt Baker

Investment Expert &
Co-Founder of Dow Janes

Cindy Zuniga-Sanchez

Founder of Zero-Based Budget Coaching

Claire Wasserman

Educator, Author, &
Founder of Ladies Get Paid

Danetha Doe

Economist + Creator of Money & Mimosas

Kassandra Dasent

Holistic Wealth Advocate

Raquel Curtis

Money Mentor & Founder
of Be Boujee Enterprises

Lee Zi Yi, Michelle

Financial Adviser &
Founder of Legacy Edge

Victoria Washington

Business Mentor, Creative Director, Speaker and CEO of The House of WE™

Sunitha Rao

Chief Sanity Officer at Afford Anything & Founder of Griffix Property Group

Angela Matthews

CEO & Creator of
The Happy Investor Method

When you tune into the LeadWell Summit, you’ll get access to leading financial educators as they share practical tools, resources, and strategies to help you…

Heal money shame & financial trauma
Manage your finances & build wealth as an entrepreneur
Create & stick to a budget that works for you
Invest like a pro (whether you’re just starting out or ready to step it up)
Ask for more money, negotiate your salary, and get the raise
Eliminate debt & fall in love with your finances
Build generational wealth & teach your kids about money
Plan for & leverage wealth generating opportunities during a recession
Diversify your portfolio & increase your net worth



During the week of the event, you'll receive a daily email with your access to that day's talks, free tools & resources from our speakers, plus a free workbook to help you reflect, plan and build wealth, baby!


Participants will have exclusive access to our private pop-up group. There will be idea sharing, daily questions, and tons of support. Vibe = wealthy and well-resourced.​


Invite your friends, colleagues and anyone else who you think would benefit from this experience. Discuss the talks with the people who want to see you win.

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Why leadwell?

We had you in mind when we created and launched the first annual LeadWell Summit in 2021. 

Since that time, our goals remain the same:  

1. Create an accessible learning experience where you and other leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs can come together to network and cultivate a community that is wealthy and well-resourced.

2. Share knowledge, skills, and insights required to create financial sovereignty and build tangible wealth. 

3. Grow the #LeadWellMovement where everyday leaders, just like you, help create a world in which financial literacy is accessible to all.

You will connect with the world’s most inspiring financial educators, thought leaders, and wealth equity advocates as they generously share their wisdom and expertise.  

Together, our community will gain a better sense of what it means to use our financial power, why it matters for the future we want to be a part of, and everyday actions we can take to make sustainable and impactful change on a personal and global scale. 

After the summit, you will leave refreshed and ready to close the wealth gap!

Meet Your Host

Hannah Koenig is a business and financial educator, speaker, and the founder of The Lead Well Summit. Her work is centered around helping entrepreneurial leaders build wealth and become well-resourced by cultivating financial stability, sovereignty, and sustainability. 

Her work has been featured in Forbes, NPR, Thrive Global, Woman Entrepreneur, ABC, CBS, NBC, and more.



Q: Is this REALLY free?

A: YES! As long as you register prior to October 17th, you'll have free access to all of the incredible LeadWell content.

Q: How do I access the Summit?

A: Each morning, from October 17th - 21st, you'll receive an email with a link to that day's sessions. There are 3 sessions per day, and they are available for you to watch and rewatch for 24 hours. For each new day of the event, you'll receive an email with a new access link to watch that day's talks. You'll also receive a free workbook to help you process and implement everything you learn.


Q: Is this for me?

A: This event is for anyone who is interested in financial literacy, building tangible wealth, and being well-resourced in both knowledge and community. We will be centering the voices and experiences of women as long as you are comfortable with/can be respectful of that you are welcome to participate.


Q: What if I won't have time to see all the talks?

A: We’ve got you! There are two options to invest in extended access to the LeadWell content. While it is free to attend live from October 17th - 21st, the extended access options mean not only more time with all of the talks but some awesome bonuses, too!

Q: If I buy an extended access pass, will the talks be immediately available?

A: No. The LeadWell content will be made available the day after the event is over on Saturday, October 22nd. This ensures that participants have a shared experience with dedicated discussions during each day's session.


Q: I don't have a Facebook account. How can I connect with other participants?

A: We recommend creating a temporary Facebook profile so that you can participate in the pop-up group during the event. We'll be having live discussions, sharing resources, and even interacting with some of the speakers. It's the community element of LeadWell and we highly encourage you to join us.

Q: Will anyone see what I share in the pop-up group?

A: Our pop-up group is private, which means only members can see what's posted. We value your safety and your privacy. Nothing you share inside the group will be shared outside of the space.


The content shared through the LeadWell Summit is not intended as financial, tax, or legal advice. All information provided is for educational purposes only.

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